sky garden @ mbs

before i went off for my spa retreat on the weekend of 25-26 june, i took my parents out to town on friday because i was on leave. one of the many places we visited that day was the sky garden @ mbs.

i didn’t take many photos of singapore even though i paid $20 for the vantage point because i was too tired after a day of walking to care very much about photo taking. the last time i was at one altitude, i was too tired to take out the camera too, however gorgeous singapore looked that night. i can only conclude that i should never leave highlights to the last because i don’t have much energy left to capture that appreciation.

some major construction going on beside mbs – i learnt from my mother it is going to be a place where lots of flowers will reside. there’s even a man made island at the lower centre of the picture. seeing the 2 glass houses on the left made me smile because a week ago, when i was walking barefooted at gardens by the bay, a child asked his dad what those glass houses were and the dad replied “curry puff and sea shell (because of the shape the building was taking)”. you gotta hand it to parents sometimes.

there were a few people sketching our skyline at the sky garden. couldn’t help but admire them for that – sketching is so spontaneous and it’s a skill i still wish to acquire.

and what better way to end a day of sightseeing by catching sight of a, albeit shy, sunset. 🙂

am tempted to put up a picture i took of my parents at the sky garden but i feel that i shouldn’t expose them in this crazy online world, especially when it is a world they are not familiar with. somehow, i feel like it is an invasion of their privacy, however low my blog stats are. or perhaps, i’m just being my usual paranoid self. hur hur.


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