teacher & student

i just had the most amazing, by my standard, discovery today.

john irving is one of my favourite author. i got to know him when i picked up the book “a prayer for owen meany”. the book enlightened and enriched me with it’s interesting perspective on life and religion. subsequently, i moved on to “the fourth hand”, which i thought was ok and “the world according to garp” which to me is still one of the most wonderful book i’ve ever read.

i am currently reading “secrets of the dark” by frederick buechner which to me is a really, really inspiring and enriching book because it gave me understanding like never before.

i don’t know how many years has passed since i read “a prayer for owen meany”, a good 5, 6 years? perhaps, even more. today, while reading up on frederick buechner (i love to read up on the person if i’m really impressed by his works), i learned that he taught at Exeter and that john irving was his student. (!!!) not only that, he edited the manuscript of “a prayer for owen meany” and some of his works, one of which is “the magnificent defeat”, provided much inspiration for john irving’s owen meany. it was also mentioned that john irving wrote about him in the preface of the book – i couldn’t help but head back to my shelves to retrieve the book just so i could verify that information.

i am so awed and humbled by this knowledge.

it almost feels like i’m destined to love the works of frederick buechner; that unknown to me until this point in time, i have actually experienced a bit of him in my earlier years through john irving’s “a prayer for owen meany”; that i’ve somehow picked these 2 books that holds some similarity at 2 different book stores at 2 different moments in my life; that like john irving and many others, i was also inspired by “the magnificent defeat”, of which the impact within me upon having that understanding is still fresh in my mind. it further proves to me that i really love a certain style of writing, humour and genre. in a strange way, there is immense satisfaction in knowing that.


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