life happier moments…

it’s been almost 3 weeks since i blogged my weekly 7 entries on sunday. (i guess nobody noticed my new habit – i usually blogged on sunday and i’ll blog in batches of 7. ha-ha) it’s so easy to forget how one can get so carried away by life’s demands until you find yourself with barely any energy or desire to document some of the more significant moments of your life during the weekly 2 day rest.

in the last 3 weeks, i have…

…participated in the barclays-habitat for humanity charity walk. it was my first time and i enjoyed it thoroughly. initially thought the event might be dampened by the heavy rain but the sky cleared way for us big-hearted walkers. in fact, the earlier rain made the walk even more enjoyable because the air and the ground was cool and comfortable. what can i say? one never knows what is good for you until much later in life. 

…watched the play, “i love you, you’re perfect, now change”. i don’t remember much of the play but that does not mean it wasn’t enjoyable. it’s take on relationships was pretty spot on and i loved how the script made use of only 4 actors to weave together so many different characters and scenarios to tell the story of love from the beginning (creation of men & women) to the end (growing old together). 

…eaten way too much yoghurt. you gotta take my recommendation with a pinch of salt because i’ve never tried the original flavours, preferring only the peaches, strawberry and chocolate flavours. among all the yoghurt i’ve tried, yami yoghurt & sour sally brings me the greatest satisfaction simply because they do not taste like the yoghurt i grew up disliking. yoguru had this strong smell that i didn’t like. red mango’s yoghurt was, somewhere in between yoguru and yami, and i wouldn’t mind going back to try some of the other flavours. they ran out of strawberry the last time i was there so i had mango instead.

that’s for all the weekend of 18-19 june. i’m too sleepy to continue blogging for the next 2 weekends.

have a great week!


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