the gust of wind

a few weeks ago, an event that happened more than a decade ago, of which i have long forgotten, resurfaced in my mind.

the sudden recollection brought me back to my 15 year old self. lost, confused and hungry for direction and guidance in life, i listened intently to what my tutor had to offer me about Christianity. having always crossed path with Christians and having always liked the idea of God, i allowed her to say a prayer for me.

we were sitting on the stairs outside a neighbourhood library. the air was very still as she recited her prayer of blessings and protection for me. she took the talisman from my hand and recited more prayers of blessings and protection.

what she did next left an impression on me.

she tore the talisman into pieces. when that happened, a gust of wind came between the 2 of us, sending me unexpected chills and goosebumps, stirring the still air that was surrounding us minutes ago.

all these years, i often wondered was that the presence of God (since he is often depicted to appear in that way) coming upon us or a spirit breaking loose from the torn talisman.

i wished i knew why the thought resurfaced in my mind when i was getting ready for work.



  1. isolatingspace

    People always say things happens for a reason. But actually, God let things happen in order for this plan to work. And of course, you have to be willing to accept his plan so he can make it work 😀 Take it slowly.

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