oh, broadway

i’ve gone broadway crazy since i watched neil patrick harris’s opening number at the tony awards. the lyrics is a comic delight and the performance absolutely brilliant.

one of the musical highlights i really like was sutton foster’s “anything goes”.

here’s the performance at the 2011 tony awards show:-

here’s the rehearsal of the full performance the cast performs at the theatre every night

and original cast at the 1988 tony awards show…

you gotta hand it to patti lupone and sutton foster for all that singing and tap dancing. it’s so nice to have classics revived and it would be even nicer if someone brought them to singapore. i mean, me flying to new york for broadway is a very remote possibility…

the performance by andrew rannells for “the book of mormon” was, to me, the best performance of the night. he was alone on stage for a huge part of the performance but he managed to captivate the audience with just his voice and presence.

what’s really funny is that they’re kinda poking fun at the religion but the earnest beliefs of a believer, as performed here, is also very touching at the same time. how many of us would place so much faith in something so abstract and find enough courage within ourselves to step forth and do what God has ask you to do?

i’m almost sure the book of mormon will not come to singapore.



  1. Juju

    i love neil. i love broadway i wish father let me go lasalle back then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA DOO BROADWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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