eat to live

everything in moderation.

i have been eating so excessively and indulgently that i found joy in eating home cooked vegetables, soup and steamed fish earlier this evening. after weeks of daily feasting (think grandma’s nasi lemak, nara’s tonkatsu lunch set, ichiban tonkatsu lunch set, wahiro’s beef set, nydc’s chicken cutlet, seoulyummy’s glass noodles, ramen’s monster lunch set, yami yoghurt, red mango, sour sally, pasta de waraku, indonesian food at roszy’s tiffin house…not excluding the sumptuous dinners at ding tai feng, brussel sprouts, the mushroom pot, noodle house ken, jalan kayu prata cafe…), it’s hard to continue my appreciation for rich savoury food at the moment. i now look forward to weeks of surviving on only vegetables and soup.

we all know there’s a high chance a green plan like this wouldn’t last and i might end up feasting excessively weeks after then next few weeks. therefore, i shall take it upon myself to practice mindful eating and see what happens to the relationship between me and food.

it upsets me when my eyes don’t sparkle at the sight/taste of food so i gotta spend the next few weeks bringing some equilibrium back to my taste buds and my spleen.


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