rare nights

today is one of the rare nights where i bring out the macbook on a weekday night. (i had to book movie tickets!)

it’s a rather relaxing week at work because we’re shifting office this week. hopefully nothing would require my urgent attention until we have completed our shift – am just going to spend the remaining working days packing, unpacking and clearing some outstanding items from last week.

only those who work their butt off during peak periods will enjoy the serenity that comes during off peak hours. it gives you time to recover and prep yourself for the next peak period.

collected my passport this morning and was surprised by how efficient the whole passport collection process is and how crowded the place was at 8.30 in the morning. you gotta give ica credit when credit is due. was pleasantly surprised with how my passport photo turned out – my colored photo was presented in black and white and i looked, dare i say, delicate. it suddenly dawned on me the person in the photo is what i would look like if i had no uneven skin tone, dark circles and acne scars. such an inspiring picture! ha.ha.

with my passport issues settled, i’m all looking forward to my trip to batam next saturday – i have indulgently sign up for 6 hours worth of spas at the popular tea tree spa. after working so hard and going spa-less for so many months, i feel like i deserve this little break.

goodnight. may i continue to be this rested and happy.


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