life on a slow and raining saturday

i felt truly relaxed today. perhaps it was the rain or that i was spending my saturday alone, there was a gentle peace that has not been with me since the last 2 weeks. started my day with a september 2007 nat geo magazine and it got me engrossed for the most part of the day. i was so fascinated by what i was reading that i half contemplated subscribing to the magazine again before resigning to the fact that is it more cost effective to borrow from the library.

headed out to town despite the heavy downpour because i was determined to complete my errands for today. due to the office relocation next week, i took the train to commonwealth and then a bus to bukit merah to estimate the time required to reach my new office (bus to interchange – 25 mins; train ride – 40 mins; bus to office – 20 mins; waiting for the traffic lights + crossing the road and walking into the industrial area – 10 mins) – i need at least 1 hr 30 mins! getting to work on a rainy day would be quite an uncomfortable experience.

took me 20 minutes to reach outram mrt by bus and another 15 minutes to reach the yoga centre. i should have listened to the voice in my head to postpone the trip to next week because the centre was already closed for the day when i reached there. i was a little disappointed but all was not lost – below my yoga centre was a shop named “bookcellar”. it was love at first sight. in my head, i could imagine myself chilling there before or after yoga lessons! ha.ha. teo hong road is such a quaint stretch of road. found it by chance one evening and am happy that it looks even prettier in the day. i will drop by next week to sign up for classes!

my red wedges gave way as i was about to leave the quiet street for town. the flapping sound coming off from my feet only went away after i got myself a new pair of sandals at pedro. shopping for shoes during a GSS weekend is a pain. the displays were disappointing and i couldn’t find anything that tug fiercely at my heartstrings despite walking in and out of 4 shops. on hindsight, i should have dropped by gripz and aldo but i was too distracted by the flapping sound from my wedges, the lackluster shoe collection and my growling stomach to venture beyond the basement. bah. i hate buying something i don’t really like because i almost always end up feeling unhappy with my purchase.

as expected, i couldn’t stop frowning at my sandals as i made my way to the salon for my hair appointment. it was only during the hair wash did i start to relax about the imperfect sandals. as fingers, shampoo and water made their way through my hair, i closed my eyes and started to reflect on my day. i thought about the nat geo article on pakistan; about the struggles and violence that is happening in the country; about the girls that are raped, about the people who lived in fear all day along; and the courageous and amazing man who founded edhi foundation.

and here i am frowning about a pair of over priced sandals that i don’t really like – so trivial in the whole scheme of things! what’s worse, i even get to frown while having someone wash and cut my hair in a luxurious salon.

gotta put a little perspective into these trivial discontentment because life’s so much bigger and important than that.


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