noodle house ken

char siew ramen from noodle house ken @ orchard plaza.

it is so difficult to find that perfect bowl of ramen. the soup base of ken’s ramen is really good but loses point for being a tad too salty. the meat was not as tender and the egg texture was not as runny. the best part of the noodle house is the authenticity – i feel like i was eating ramen in japan because i sat at the counter, having complete view of the busy kitchen. somehow witnessing a japanese making your bowl of ramen and another japanese eating a bowl of ramen while reading a comic book heightens the authenticity of the dining experience.

my perfect bowl of ramen:-

1. noodle & soup base from ramen santouka

2. melt in your mouth char siew and runny egg from marutama ramen

the most expensive ramen i’ve eaten was at ippudo ramen. unfortunately, price doesn’t equate satisfaction for it left no impression on me.

thank you charlene for helping me fulfill my wish of eating here. ha. ha.



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