in the blink of an eye

sometimes, i wonder is it better to fill the weekend with activities or spend it in solitude because time seems to pass less quickly when i am on my own, thus giving me the impression that my weekend is longer than it actually is. time seem to move at a reasonable speed when you are lying in bed reading or organising documents at your desk but time seem to move unreasonably fast when you head out to town and spend it with friends.

had a nice saturday evening with charlene. i’m so glad that she walked out of borders with 2 books. at least one of my more positive attributes – the love for reading – is spreading its influence. her great strengths is being simple and thrifty and that is rubbing off me in a good way. i could always do with more simplicity and savings.

the rain on sunday morning encouraged me to go back to sleep even though i was already awake before 8. naturally, my body got back at me by letting me play the leading role in my weekly nightmares. for a brief moment in the dream, i was reading a very thick copy of 8 days – a magazine i used to read religiously when i was in my early 20s. the next moment, i was out at sea. i was hanging on to a pole on the ship talking to a bunch of people when the waves got monstrous and the ship struggled to stay afloat. one big wave came upon us and i was flung into the sea…

i am glad my mother woke me up before my dream could end naturally.

had lunch at granny’s place. i love seeing my granny and julianne. i love eating together. i love holding my granny’s soft hands. i keep telling myself i need to spend more time with her but i never could find the time. i wonder how many more years do i have before i no longer have the chance to visit her every sunday.

one of our neighbour passed away a few days ago. she was 78 years old. this morning, the funeral band played “世上只有妈妈好” and  “天下的妈妈都是一样的” amongst many other heart wrenching songs. it reminded me of my grandpa’s funeral and how we (julianne, my sister and me) started to tear in the lift when we heard the music the band was playing. i think it was one of teresa teng’s famous tunes.


i will try to spend less time at work from tomorrow onwards.

tomorrow is monday – a brand new week for me to count down to the weekends. work feels a lot more stressful these days because i’m not sure what jobs form my base plate and what are the temporary add ons. note to self :- write down a list of key activities for the coming month to avoid screwing up cum month end.

i really can’t wait for work to be less stressful.



  1. isolatingspace

    Another dream…so here’s another analysis:

    Magazines..something u always do, spending time flipping,browsing (spending time with self, relaxing..etc) then the sea is most likely to be representing work (which could be calm or stormy), things might happen that can catch u off guard or shocked u.. (like being thrown into the sea) i think its like you work then u get problems or trying to fight the workload…and u managed to get some solutions/help but it will be temporary..cos its just gonna be coming back all over again. Your work is a cycle. It repeats itself somehow.

    Work is always stressful esp in your industry. Maybe you should learn to destress instead of waiting for work to be less stressful (which is highly impossible for most people) Lolx.

    Jiayou for the coming week!!! way to go… 😀

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