ramayana & the peranakan museum

earlier this year, i went to the peranakan museum with nicole. been wanting to visit the museum since i walked past it after visiting the singapore philatelic museum.

unaware that the museum was playing host to a guest gallery “ramayana revisted – a tale of love & adventure”, the puzzled me asked the staff who was dressing me in their cultural outfits the relationship between peranakans (nonya) and ramayana (thai). she returned my puzzled look with an equally puzzled look and said “we’re just renting the museum space for our exhibition.” ha.ha. nicole, who overheard our conversation burst out laughing.

my favourite exhibit. it looks so delicate. what impressed me most was that it was done by a man-woman. me, supposedly all woman, can’t muster such efforts to make something so feminine and delicate.

nicole wanted to join in the fun to create this but was turned away because she was too old.  

i never knew it was her dream of marrying a peranakan until i visited the museum with her. ha.ha. good luck, babe!

seeing this did not dampen her dreams any bit. there was even a poem detailing the qualities of a good peranakan wife. me, on the other hand, was completely mortified. you gotta hand it to the peranakan ladies.

got our first henna done. at first, it smelled kinda minty then it smelled like my hand was drenched in soy sauce. i spent the following days wishing it would fade away asap because i found the prints annoying. with that, i can surely and safely conclude that tattoo is not and will never be my cup of tea.

it was a nice way to spend a saturday afternoon. immersing yourself in a difference culture and catching up with a friend at the same time. she sat through a long story telling session as it will benefit her career as a kindergarten teacher while i roamed around the museum reading about the same story from the exhibits. i think i have no patience for story telling and spoken words.

i thought everything looked kinda pretty until the portraits started getting interactive with the visitors. again, i am shown evidence that i prefer reading over listening. sigh.

can’t wait to visit another museum again!


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