level 62

i was at one altitude for dinner on friday night.

the view from level 61 was very lovely.

the food was equally good. i had suckling pig paired with the creamiest and smoothest mash potato i’ve ever tasted.

the mashed potato.

post dinner, we went up to level 62 to catch a glimpse of singapore. it was way beyond my imagination! we spent a good amount of time trying to tell one building from another and came to the conclusion that we do not know our country very well.

i gotta say, singapore looks even more beautiful from a vantage point. it’s heartening how far we have progressed as a nation.

in awe, my much-older-than-me-friend, who still remembers the words of mm Lee turned around and asked me, “now, would you vote for PAP after seeing all of this (referring to the great view which my camera did not capture?”

i laughed.

it’s not because i have forgotten.


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