corporate big wigs and the little strong man

was helping my dad with his daily newspaper subscription because there was a promotion going on for mastercard holders. one of the question on the application form was “do you currently pay your subscription fees to a newspaper vendor or sph?”

we currently pay our monthly subscription fee to a newspaper vendor. that question on the application form made me stop and think. now, i don’t know how much does a newspaper vendor earns. perhaps, they earn a % of the total subscriptions collected plus the delivery charge? couldn’t help but wonder how this personal decision to switch will affect his livelihood.

i don’t know the answer but i guess i’ll go ask around. for all you know, all independent newspaper vendors are contracted by sph to deliver the papers.



  1. (^p^)

    come! let the horse speak wor… The word I would use is “licensed”, instead of “contracted” by SPH.

    Diff. papers have diff. cost price as set by SPH. But per copy of paper, SPH only pays the vendor $0.01 and a insertion fee (determined by the number of sections/pages i.e. Classified, Recruit, Life, etc). Thus, a vendor may earn less than $4-5 per 100 copies.

    So comes the delivery charges $1 for flats, $3 for condo/landed. Many think it’s good money but hardly anyone ever think about the weight of the papers + walking x the no. of subscribers in a blk. Not only that, the vendors only have 2 rest days for 365 days of work that starts at 2am+ daily.

    The prepaid subscription helps the vendor in a way as vendor doesn’t need to come collect ur dues every mth. But back end billing from SPH to vendor is messy coz their system sucks as most of the times vendors get shortchanged if they don’t counter-check their invoices – delayed payment.

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