of handshakes and bathrooms

the weekend went by a little too quickly.

for a few reasons, this weekend was a lot more worrisome than the last two. i’m not sure how much of it can be attributed to hormones, the coming work week or the simple fact that i’m being haunted by a thought i’m having trouble shaking off. either way, i can only conclude that i’ve had better weekends.

it doesn’t help that i start my weekend mornings with long intense dreams. i guess this is what i get for coaxing the body to go back to sleep when she has already decided to get up and start the day at 9am. sleeping in is my way of delaying my meeting with reality. dreaming is the body’s way of getting back at me.

this morning’s dream was bizarre. the theme of the dream was, strange, about bathrooms. i was walking around the hotel trying to find my way back to my room. i kept losing my way and constantly found myself in places i did not intend to go. i found myself in a place that contained many capsuled-like shower rooms. the women inside the capsules were all curled up like a fetus and donned a white shower cap on their head. out of curiosity, i tapped one of the capsules and asked the lady what she was doing inside. she told me the capsule was an automated showering facility – all you had to do was to curl yourself up in the capsule and you will be cleaned nicely by the capsule. 😐

i moved on and continued with my quest to find my hotel room but came across a public bath house for men in the middle of the hotel lobby. by public, i meant that any men could walk in and take a shower for the public to see. as i walked passed this public spectacle, i saw many girls ogling at the naked men who were comfortable exhibiting their bodies. in the middle of the public bath house, i saw my ex boss. it was a sight that made me laugh in my dream. in the middle of all this nakedness, he was standing there all clothed (in his pants and shirts and a thick bath robe) looking very cautiously at the crowd surrounding him.

the next thing i knew i was shaking hands with a dashing caucasian man. he introduced himself as “operation realm” – i know, bizarre name – but i had a wonderful conversation with him. i felt peace transcend upon me as we speak. we then said our goodbyes and i continued to find my way back to my room.

but i found myself in a huge bathroom instead and so i proceeded to take a shower. post shower, i found myself chatting with 2 girls at a hotel cafe but i had to take my leave because i was accused of hogging the seats. (!?)

towards the end of the dream, i was looking at a young girl from another room. coincidentally, there were some ministers doing house visit. i told her not to open the door shall they knock but she opened the door anyway. when that happened, i saw myself running across the room to slam the door shut. ha.ha.

saturday’s dream was comparatively shorter but some of the scenes left an impact on me. i dreamt of my late grandfather. he was sitting comfortably on the sofa and looked at me with a kind and gentle smile. my granny came into the picture and shook his hand in my presence.

this is the first time my late grandpa and my living granny appeared together in my dream. it is spooky to me and i’m unsure what to make of it, especially when my cousin has been having nightmares of granny leaving. 😦



  1. isolatingspace

    i think you are very stress. Trying to find a way out of this stressful life. Why bathrooms & Hotel? This is because you wanted to go on a holiday badly.

    Lolx. What’s with the naked man? I think cos your office all girls. So you see some men in your dreams 🙂 The ex-boss part might be due to you subconsciously missing the old working life you had (busy & stress but happier maybe? or you should call him up to find out how he is doing?)

    Speaking with a dashing Caucasian..hmm..you probably wanted to have someone with charm & knowledge to talk to? Who doesnt..Lolx

    About the hotel cafe scene, think it was pure random. HAHA. unless u wanted a holiday so badly..then u were forced to leave cos you are not suppose to be on holiday??!!? For the young girl & minister, i think it was post election syndrome. HAHA

    For the family part, i think its a heart warming picture to have both grandparents in your dream. Might not be anything bad. Just try to spend more time with your granny…time never waits.

    Try to relax before you sleep..

  2. chloe

    haha…thank you girl for your analysis!

    maybe i need to go for a holiday, check into a hotel and meet a caucasian man. all the bathrooms are distractions. hahaha…

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