on eating

was at chilies resort world for dinner with michelle yesterday. dinner was so noisy, smelly and pricey. michelle was right when she said we would have smelled better if we had gone to hard rock cafe instead.

food at chilies was alright at best. i have no idea why would james raved about chilies when we dined at hog’s breath because i didn’t enjoy the former as much. i do love the mashed potatoes and the garlic bread though.

this piece of 340g ribeye steak was too excessive by my standards and i thought the meat was too thick and hard. i think even aston’s better at half the price. 😦 this excessiveness gave me much guilt and i found myself thinking about my excessiveness even when i was trying to fall asleep at 2am this morning. in an attempt to ease my guilt, i have decided to stay off steak for as long as i can.

if i can start using simpler things in my beauty routine, i reckon i can start eating in a more wholesome manner. like how michelle is always taking soupy stuff and wholesome foods like mushroom burger. 😛 much to learn from her when it comes to eating.

glad we had a chance to catch up! for a brief moment in the cab yesterday, i was reminded of old times. times where she was nicknamed kiwi and me cherry. damn, i feel old.



  1. shell

    Lol, I eat wholesome foods meh? I like laksa leh!! damn, i miss the carefree cherry and kiwi days too..when decisions were easier and thoughts were lighter. 🙂

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