amongst other things

the longer i stay in the accounting industry, the shorter my blog entries. my work does not require me to write at length and i am frequently encouraged to write in a concise manner. the best emails are usually short and presented in bullet points.

i’m tempted to do the same for my blog entries but i feel that it would further deteriorate what is left of my writing skills, if i had any to begin with.’s 12.17 in the morning now and i’m tired so i shall cut it short.

1. finally submitted my passport renewal application online. decided to make do with the less than pleasant passport photo i took in 2009. i reckon i could only get prettier from here so there would be a sense of satisfaction every time i hand over the passport to the custom officer. ha.ha.

2. finally bought my digital weighing machine from watson. hopefully the glaringly disturbing results on the scale would fuel my resolutions to be healthier and fitter this year.

3. i’ve turned my back on luxury beauty and hair products after indulging in them for a good 8-9 years? affordable and value for money is my purchasing motto now when it comes to stuff that i put on my face and hair. i am now using za compact powder and i honestly can’t tell the difference between that and the powder i have used from chanel, estee, shiseido & biotherm. perhaps, there are indeed differences but why bother to pay that extra money when i am not discerning enough to tell one coverage from another. can’t wait to use my revlon blusher and l’oreal lipstick. plus, my skin is now classified as sensitive and very oily so there’s really nothing much i can choose from other than the trusted Eau Avene.

4. i have saved $315 worth of 5 dollars since the beginning of this year. am planning to save more for myself and give more to my parents this year.

5. i have been really busy. last week marks my 12th week at my current work place and i have been working my butt off since 21 feb. hope to kick start the evening runs that filled my january nights after work

6. i finished “the animal farm” by george orwell during the campaigning period and i must say the book both delighted and saddened me. been trying to get started on joseph heller’s catch 22 but i can’t find the right frame of mind to start it. instead, i have been filling the time after knocking of work and hitting the sacks (which is not a lot of time) with “the edge” and “national geographic”. i barely have any time or energy left to switch on the macbook.

7. watched “thor” last week with charlene. chris hemsworth, who happens to be the same age as me, does not look like he belongs to this world. he can really rock the t-shirt. natalie portman looks so pretty in the movie.

8.  i tried yami yogurt 2 weeks ago. now, i was never a fan of yogurt because it’s too sour for my liking. nikko told me today that yami yogurt is too sour for her liking and that i should really try yoguru. i will. speaking of food, i enjoy eating at ramen monster.  i like that the soup base does not leave me feeling thirsty like those at marutama ramen and that there is gelato to eat after my meal. it’s not garnering good reviews though. i guess i’m easily contented.

9. volunteered at a mercy relief roadshow 2 sundays ago. didn’t do much but learnt a fair bit about the organisation. am going to check out habitat for humanity to explore volunteering opportunities.

10. ordered domino pizza last sunday. they’re delicious. i don’t think i will ever order from pizza hut again. 🙂

cheers to a good week!



  1. Nicole Law


    Yoguru is good..but Red Mango rocks! go try!!!!!!

    Sat gathering was too short..let’s catch up soon!

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