the long weekends

the last 2 weeks at work was impossibly stressful. it motivated me to spend last saturday doing absolutely nothing. am glad that charlene was available to do nothing with me.

all that planned nothing turned out to be quite fulfilling. before meeting charlene, i went for my monthly fix at browhaus and popped by muji paragon to buy containers and bedroom slippers. proceeded to have a very sumptuous lunch with charlene at jpot. we were both so full we spend the next one and a half hours trying to walk off our bloated tummy. i collected my multi play docking station. (thank you maybank)

i bought a gorgeous laptop bag from page one. it was love at first sight. finally put it to use today and it feels like i am holding happiness in my hands! spent enough at page one to earn a free membership. love this bookshop. i could feel my stress fade away as i lingered between the shelves.

spent the remaining afternoon at the cinemas watching 2 movies. “the source code” presented a very interesting concept although i can’t quite see it happening in the next 100 years. it’s quite a stretch! “a chinese ghost story” was bland. i thought the animation created a years back had more to offer to movie goers. i-weekly summed it up best with “why bother to re-make a classic?” i decided to youtube the leslie leung version and couldn’t help but share the same sentiment.

ended the night with a shared nuggets meal and hot fudge sundae at mcdonalds. i don’t know about you – nuggets and sharing ice cream never fail to put a smile on my face. i went home feeling a little better. lovely company and nice purchases are quite comforting to the soul.

glad the work week is over. hope i can squeeze in some free time during this long working weekend especially when i have already burnt the whole saturday at work.


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