critical thoughts on tanya’s concert:-

1. wrong choice of venue. i think a smaller venue would have done her vocal and songs more justice. i think she is one of those artists who is better unplugged. she also lacked stage presence and that is especially magnified when she is alone on stage with no guitar.

2. poor sound system. her voice was constantly over shadowed by the band playing behind her but she is great when she sings with a group of musicians or alone with her guitar.

thoughts on her concert as a fan of her music:-

1. she has always been perceived as less than friendly but she is quite adorable when she starts to talk. she giggles a lot and is very unpretentious and candid. in fact, she is very sincere and appreciates the chance to be able to sing for us at indoor stadium.

2. it was such a pleasure to hear kit chan live. she’s my first local female idol and i still adore her after all these years. i feel proud to see tanya and kit chan on stage together, singing and chatting casually. even jimmy ye, another local musician, was there to play the piano while kit chan sang. beautiful moment.

3. when listening to her sing, i was reminded of many moments in my life. when she sang “无底洞”, i was reminded of the time when a friend shared with me that this is his favourite tanya song. when she sang “谁”, i thought of the time when i heard this song in the car and proceeded to have a conversation about her music with my friends. other songs like “若你遇见他”,“双栖动物”,“记念” and “Beautiful Love” were some songs that had much meaning at different stages in life. when i heard “陌生人”, i thought of my friend who buried her sorrows in this song when she broke up with her then boyfriend (now husband).

sometimes, i think that is what makes a listener feels attached to a singer. in the span of their music career, they have managed to convey sentiments we had difficulty articulating and they have also encouraged and helped us pull through dark periods of our life.

watching her and jay chou live are 2 very different experiences. the latter was just high high high whereas tanya left me in a pensive mood, just like most of her songs.

thanks charlene for catching the concert with me!


One comment

  1. isolatingspace

    you are most welcome! i seriously enjoyed the concert. And i think the company makes a difference too. If i were to attend with someone who dont appreciate Tanya’s music as much, i think it would be less wonderful :)The concert was like sitting through a life journey. Glad you enjoyed it

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