sunday rituals

sunday evenings are always great for doing some light cleaning in my room and running personal errands so that my to-do list gets shortened considerably before a new week commence.

it’s always great to start the week knowing that you have cleared a sizable amount of rubbish and backlogs. i go to work feeling lighter and more fulfilled.

unlike most sundays where i am at my granny’s until evenings, we came home earlier today. made use of the extra time to clean my ridiculously messy table and threw away a pile of rubbish. i even had the time to go through some of the items that i have hastily stuffed in my drawers over the last one over year.

out with the old, in with the new. out with the clutter, in with a refreshed state of mind.

determined to clear a few things on the list today (on top of clearing my table and drawers), falling a bit behind time but i think all should be great! progress so far….

  • signed up for ntuc income orange aid.
  • updated my particulars @ ntuc income’s me @ income portal
  • called citibank to enquire on how to close the bank account

now, i’m going to go

  • to the necessary steps to close of the bank account – done!
  • do my parents passport – done!
  • update my planner – done!

hope i can finish everything before 12.

i sleep early these days because my work requires me to do so. ha.ha.


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