conquering the roads

my attempts to run at the stadium on monday and tuesday were not successful because no lockers were available for use! i took it as a sign from the stars that it’s time to run somewhere else. it was about 7.15pm when i got home yesterday and a search on google tells me that i need to wait about 1.5 – 2 hrs before i can run after a meal.

while waiting, i packed my bags for tomorrow, prepared my running gear, washed my sandwich box, removed my nail polish, cut my finger nails, washed off my make up, read a past issue of cpa singapore, magazine, changed into my running gear, did stretching exercises and headed down for a run around my neighbourhood.

running around the neighbourhood is a challenge compared to running in a stadium. there are all forms of moving traffics to avoid – cars, humans, dogs and cats.  the uneven ground and slopes is taxing on the legs. i found myself incapable of continuing the run after i ran for 1 min on an uphill slope. the surroundings are a distraction because there’s so much movement going on around you when you run. it is hard to lose yourself in the breathing, like how i often zone out into this other world when i run in the stadium. there is a sense of peace when running around in circles because you’re no longer fazed by the environment and every one around you is running in the same direction. like all considerate runners, they give way to you. there is nothing for you to watch out. there are times where i ran till i am focusing on nothing but my breathing. i almost feel like i am meditating.

one thing remains the same though – i can’t run with music. i much prefer being with the surroundings, listening to my breathing and the updates coming from my micoach.

perhaps, running in the neighbourhood is a new challenge to overcome and my discomfort is also a reflection of how i can never find peace when stuck in noisy and populated environments. i’m giving up on running in stadiums for now.

the roads will be my new challenge!


One comment

  1. isolatingspace

    once u overcome it, you will find peace in your heart & soul even when you are in a noisy environment. way to go!

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