35 by 35

  1. travel solo
  2. buying a car
  3. road trip
  4. a fancy dinner
  5. nude photo
  6. visit one major city
  7. getting your own place
  8. volunteering
  9. adopting
  10. dump toxic friends
  11. organise regular reunions
  12. attending a global event
  13. online shopping
  14. flirting
  15. knowing your legal rights
  16. take a family holiday
  17. sharing a kiss in paris, with someone you love
  18. making love at somewhere unusual
  19. do the new york times crossword
  20. planning for retirement
  21. learning another language
  22. commission a portrait
  23. run a marathon
  24. have a mammogram
  25. overcome a phobia
  26. living overseas
  27. see the wonders of the world
  28. blogging
  29. get a full body check up
  30. meditate
  31. increase your insurance coverage
  32. quit smoking
  33. pop calcium
  34. go back to school
  35. make a will

“great experiences and milestones to achieve before 35, elle magazine”



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