2011 sounds promising

Leo’s Career & Romance in 2011

Year 2011 Career

Get ready for the big time Leo as the almighty luck of generous Jupiter showers you with ridiculously glamorous and lucrative opportunities. Starting in June, Jupiter enters the money sign, Taurus and lights up the tip-top of your horoscope for the second half of the year. Nothing is better for self-confidence, money and worldly status. And we’re not talking chump change either Lion, we’re talking the kind of cash flow with the power to take you out of debt and way beyond the dreaded status quo.

Investing in travel and furthering your education are possible ways to expand your professional portfolio for the first half of 2011. With an impressive infusion of planets firing up your travel and education sector this spring, your restless instincts come in handy. Ingenuity, risk-taking and new approaches to work and career are all celebrated career themes in 2011. Sitting back doing nothing or attempting to follow the old course of action will get you nowhere fast. If you’re ready to exceed your current plateau, take the plunge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Venus brings her yearly monetary gifts in late July early August this year. Autumn is your busiest work period when Mars, the planet of action and aggression powers through the Leo stars. You’ll have no problem going after what you want with total finesse, charming the socks off everyone you meet. You’ll have the energy and ambition required to get things done so use this high-energy time to make it all happen. When Neptune enters your financial resources sector between April and August, imaginative thinking and glamorous pursuits open untapped money channels.

Year 2011 Romantic

Saturn, the karmic taskmaster continues his tutelage in the realm of relationships for the entire year. Expect more testing on the self-love scales as you’re called to evaluate which relationships pan out in a close to equal give and take ratio and which completely suck you dry. Any and all ties that waste your time and cut into self-esteem must be severed. It’s high time you know your value Leo: no more settling, and definitely no more desperate measures.

You’ll no longer be able to give yourself short shrift or buy into co-dependent dynamics that put your needs on an eternal backburner. You’re learning the hard way how to love yourself the way you want and deserve to be loved. Relationships must honor, dignify and respect your noble qualities to pass Saturn’s stringent litmus test. But the good news is that you’re learning to stand up and voice your romantic needs. No longer will you fall prey to the trap of giving in hopes of getting — and that makes all the difference.

Beauty and love abound just in time to make it one glorious summer to remember. Venus, the goddess of beauty of love will grace your regal constellation. Book special beauty treatments, give yourself plenty of playtime and vamp up your online profile because mating season will have officially begin. And just as things start to get interesting Mars joins the romantic cause. The libidinal planet brings sexy back in October and November.



  1. isolatingspace

    Im also Leo, half of it rather. 1st half of the year sounds good, esp the travelling part which are my exact intentions & plans! 🙂

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