the strangest gift

i told a friend i enjoyed the movie “chungking express”.

somehow, he must have interpreted that as “i am obsessed with takeshi kaneshiro and his mopey character in the movie chungking express”.

because i was given a can of del monte sliced pineapple for christmas.

apparently, takeshi kaneshiro was eating this particular brand of canned pineapples obsessively in the movie.

me: erm…..pineapples?

friend: yes!! 30 may?? remember 30 may??


friend: chungking express??

me: …………..*flatly* so are you going to buy me the soap bars and towels that tony leung talked to in the movie?

friend: yes yes!

me: *speechless* erm… okay. i don’t know what to say.

friend: thank you would be nice.

i think he is more fanatic than me. i didn’t even notice the brand of pineapple takeshi was eating!!


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