a review on 2010

2010 is going to be over in just a few weeks. have you thought about your new year resolutions yet?

my report card for the resolutions of 2010 looks like this: –

  1. read the news everyday (yes and no. i read very selectively from my twitter feeds of CNA and NYT  and yahoo.com. i think sitting at the desk and reading newspaper is a tedious luxury i can easily do without)
  2. do volunteer work (i’ve donated to world vision and room to read during children’s day but that is not exactly volunteer work eh?)
  3. exercise every saturday with nikko (was ok for the first quarter of the year but got too distracted after that)
  4. cook/bake with mum at least once a month (yes! i have baked with may though.)
  5. speak my mind (yes! but i am still not entirely comfortable with it.)
  6. live out “time out singapore” (FAIL. i think there were at least 6 months worth of unwrapped magazines still sitting on my desk)
  7. change job (FAIL.)
  8. learn guitar (FAIL)
  9. continue reading at least one book per mth (this goes without saying! a resolute yes!)
  10. start “the daily smile” project (FAIL)
  11. project room revamp continues….in bits and pieces because no money. (erm….i think those who knows about my intention to revamp has kinda stopped asking me for status updates)
  12. eat healthy. (yes…still trying. it is quite a bit of an effort.)
  13. think of a positive thought and meditate on it until it sticks in your mind (…..erm…FAIL)
  14. be a go getter! say and do it! pronto! (…..sort of. but my heart is always willing, the pocket is not.)


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