i am good, are you?

there is a reason why i am blogging lesser – i can’t find anything interesting to blog about. or if there’s something interesting, i do not feel like sharing it here.

between the waking hours of 7am and the minute before my eyelid closes to mark the end of day, i am either exhausted or uninspired from beginning to end. what a dreadful manner to live!

there are 20 items on my to do list, not to mention the endless list of “feeling like doing but (insert constraints)…”.

we are almost at the end of Q32010, have you achieved all your goals? this year went by really fast but i have achieved a great deal of things at work and in my personal life.

running 4km without stopping is an achievement i will forever remember, considering i have never managed to do so until this year.

reading a record number of books this year is something to cheer about too.

spending time with my parents, especially my mother, through cooking and helping out around the house is something i am really happy about too.

i really should start taking out my camera. if there was anything i didn’t do with much effort this year, it was bringing my camera everywhere with me.


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