all i do is fall sick

ever since i was diagnosed with glandular fever in july, the journey back to good health is fraught with obstacles. shortly after i recovered from the fever that lasted for 6 days and a swollen tonsil that seemed to take forever to subside, i came down with flu 2 weeks later and that took another 2 weeks before my nose gladly gave itself a break from running. one week after, which is now, i am down with sore throat and ulcers on both sides of the tongue. (i can’t help but wonder has the last episode of tonsillitis lowered my throat’s tolerance for fried food. i have this feeling it is not the same anymore.)

WHY! am i falling sick so frequently…

i have been diligently dropping by the TCM clinic for my medication and acupuncture; exercising, making changes to my diet and drinking berocca but i am still falling sick. bleah.

there is only one thing i am not doing entirely right and that is sleeping early. sleep, which used to come so easily to me, is proving to be quite a challenge these few nights. i can lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours before i succumb to my heavy eyelids.


One comment

  1. Charlene

    maybe you should do a health screen? check every inch of your body inside out and see what is wrong. i did the same, at least i know there isnt any major problem with me.. so i will just tolerate the small illness and pains that drops in to visit me on & off. 🙂 Take care Mentor!

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