to cut the very long story short, i was diagnosed with glandular fever last friday after seeing 2 GPs, an ultrasound scan on the neck and a blood test.

i was put on 3 different courses of antibiotics within 6 days to fight what was initially an infection, then tonsillitis and finally glandular fever with swollen pus filled tonsils and swollen lymph nodes.

i had fever for 6 days, medication brought it down but didn’t take it away. i was consistently hovering at 38.5 – 39 degrees. waking up in the middle of the night became a nightly affair. there was one night i woke up shivering madly. the crazy images flashing across my mind made me think i was delirious.

i hope no one has to go through what i did because it a very horrible experience. the pain in my throat and my ears was sharp and excruciating. the fever unbearable. i barely ate.

thank goodness my GP decided to write a letter and have me admitted. thank goodness i gave the hospital a shot because the ENT doctor and his wonderful prescription of painkillers provided me with immense relief.

if it wasn’t for him, my fever, swelling & pain wouldn’t have gone away.

if it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t have made it to jay chou’s concert on sunday.

many thanks to my mother who took care of me by making sure i had something light to eat everyday. she also accompanied me to the hospital and because of that, i’m also grateful to Nikko who came down to the hospital too and provided great company to my mother while i was kept away for almost 4 hours in the “fever & flu unit.” jenice also showed her concern with her constant sms check ups on me and expressed desire to be there for me at the hospital; willynn & pamela were equally caring &  my lovely GP, dr. tan, who kept in touch with me to make sure i was ok.

i’m a blessed woman! i was actually very surprised by the number of people who volunteered to accompany me to the hospital.

health is very important! family and friends too.

take good care of yourself! remember to love everyone else!



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