where is my mind?

sometimes, i think i should do something to fix my rapidly disappearing attention span.

i can’t focus.

when i was waiting for the cashier at the supermarket to finish processing my purchases, i took out my mobile to respond to the text messages from my auditor. i was listening to my music, responding to a text, trying to put a reminder in my calender when i noticed the cashier and the lady behind me frantically trying to catch my attention.

turns out they wanted to confirm with me that the 2 chocolate bars on the counter are part of my purchases.

i waited again for the payment to be processed. when the cashier handed me my receipt and card, i looked at her and her counter for my grocery bag. she stared at me and pointed to the grocery bag that was in my hand.


as i walked out of the supermarket, i made a mental note to buy antiseptic cream and i immediately forgot about it, turning right to make my way home instead of to the pharmacy. i did not recall my mental note until i was home.

i ended up heading back to the pharmacy after dinner.


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