pen on paper

i have finished reading 3 books in the last 2 months: –

  1. the fourth hand by john irving
  2. life’s a pitch (how to sell yourself and your brilliant ideas) by stephen bayley and roger mavity
  3. of mice and men by john steinbeck

it suddenly occurred to me when i was reading “the fourth hand” that this is my 3rd john irving book. with the exception of the sweet valley, harry porter and twilight series, i have never read more than one book from the same author because i have this fear of being disappointed by the next book should it fall below my expectations.

i wasn’t disappointed by “the fourth hand” even though the story was less impressive as compared to “a prayer for owen meany” and “the world according to garp”. his stories carries the same theme (strange people in strange circumstances finding redemption and love) and i absolutely adore his writing style.

i think i have finally found my favourite author!

“of mice and men” is a short story set in the 1920s. my first thought when reading this book was “wow. nobody writes like this anymore.” i went to google about the book because upon finishing the book, i couldn’t really understand why this novel received such rave reviews.

now i do appreciate what a fine book this is, with the help of google. clearly, i am not cut out to excel in literature.

i enjoyed “life’s a pitch” the most. i bought all the ideas the book tried to pitch. a book worth re-reading just to get the whole process of pitching successfully down to a pat.


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