the importance of twitter

when i first heard about twitter on howard’s blog (he said it will be the next big thing), i thought to myself – who on earth would use twitter?

turns out many people on earth would and it did become a big thing.

i have grown to learn twitter and i love the people who tweet. it is quite nice to read about the latest updates on your friend’s life.

i think it is classier and less annoying than facebook, less time consuming than blogging and because i have less than 5 friends who actively tweet, i know whatever that is tweeted by me is read by these 5 friends or less which makes me tweet whatever i want without any care.

like what my friend macluver said, “it’s like talking to a invisible friend”

that’s why twitter is important to me…it’s my personal ranting space and because it is so micro it doesn’t really matter if what i said is totally trivial.


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