of race and religion

perhaps i am naive but i feel that the essence of humanity is not affected by race, nor is it affected by religion.

to ostracize  a person for his race and to judge someone for his religion, is, to me, an insult to the spirit of human rights.

i pride myself for having friends from different races and different religions and i know better to mix with people who are not aligned to my value system.

since i was young, your cautionary advices borders on being discriminatory. if you prefer to live in your own narrow-mindedness, please go ahead without me.

i stand by my friends, of different races and religions, whom i have interacted with, who have cared for me and who were there when life got a little too dull for me to breathe. whereas the comment you made are on your own presumptions.

sure, a view from the stands might be a better view but you sure won’t know the emotions and exchanges that has been shared unless you’re out there in the field.

to dispense an advice like that is a reflection of how little you know about me, and how little faith you have in me.

you’re not always right and i’m not always wrong.

“let those who are without sin cast the first stone.” a bible verse from somewhere in the book of John.


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