it’s complicated

i watched “it’s complicated”, starring meryl streep, alex baldwin and steve martin, last night.

love, love, love the movie. halfway through the movie, i was trying to guess the ending. there were only 3 possibilities: –

1. she goes back to her ex husband (alex baldwin) after a 10 yr divorce OR

2. she ends up with her new love interest (steve martin) OR

3. she decides to remain single.

i would be sorely disappointed with the movie if #1 happen. i was hoping for a #2 or #3 and i’m glad one of what i chose happened!

age and life experiences changes me in ways i appreciate very much. the younger me would root for #1.

i’m glad i’m older.

on a side note, meryl streep is such a natural and i think she looks unbelievably gorgeous for her age!

i can’t help but think she looks better than me!


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