macbook, for real this time

for a while, i contemplated ditching my iphone 3g for HTC Desire but devin told me android phones are mainly used by men. i thought about it and couldn’t help but agree.

then apple came out with iphone 4.

i’m sold but i really hope the multi-tasking capability is great because the one task at a time capability is my only gripe on my iphone 3g.

anyway, i have decided to get the macbook. devin has offered to be my apple helpdesk, offering me tips and software. syaiful will eventually get it! we will go hang out at starbucks together.

at an estimated selling price of $1,600 (incl taxes), you get an aesthetically pleasing notebook with really great specs and 10 hour battery life. seriously, what more can a girl like me ask for?

been wanting to get the macbook out of my head but my heart stirs violently every time i walk pass epi centre. perhaps, this is what i truly desire!

i have decided to use my $5″ love myself” fund, save for the next 3 months and use a bit of savings and get myself a notebook.


save save save!


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