blogger block

you know, even i am bored of my blog.

i don’t even have a handful of readers to satisfy but blogging feels like a chore these days. actually, even coming home to sitting in front of the laptop feels like drudgery to me.

i’d like to think my life is interesting enough to warrant a few entries in a day or at least a few days but i no longer know why i want to blog about these interesting things anyway.

is this a sign of aging? or my hp mini notebook is just not comfortable/inspiring enough for writing? no time? or i need to start a brand new blog?

there must be an explanation as to why journaling with photos no longer entices me as much before.

i guess i won’t have the time to find out because i’ve already dozed off 3 times in the last 5 mins.


goodnight, world.



  1. Charlene

    maybe not aging. You might be too TIRED to do anything. I was once like that too. Take a break from blogging maybe…get some exposure to the sun and clouds… no PC, no TV… 😀

  2. Shell

    Write only when you feel a need to or when you feel like it…I’m in the same situation now. Trivia and banalities and snippets of my daily life don’t seem to be exciting or interesting enough to warrant me entering them into a post these days. Not even some of the thoughts deep in my head…

    Guess this happens too when you’ve got other more important stuff to occupy your time?

  3. chloe


    i think for me environment plays a part. i only like to write when i’m alone and when my heart is feeling calm and peaceful.


    it’s almost impossible to be alone thesedays.

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