i am the blues

what a strange blue day.

woke up feeling really tired – got hit by melancholy when i was blowing my hair – went for my facial – got hit by another burst of melancholy when i was lying alone in the room with mask on my face – went for a bowl of chicken and corn chowder at souperlicious and decided the soup spoon is way better – headed to toastbox a cup of long craved tea and kaya toast only to realise my shrunken stomach can’t even finish the tea and the bread – felt very exhausted again and took a cab home – got hit by another burst of melancholy on the journey home – got home feeling even more exhausted than this morning and took a shower – had diarrhea and i became even more tired – took my cough medication and crawled into bed at 2pm and slept till 6.30pm waking up in between to be hit my melancholy again and again – left the bed feeling woozy and i could feel numbness in the left side of my body – numbness doesn’t seem to be going away – took out my mini notebook and sat at my study table –  something which i have not done for a very long time – within 2 minutes, i have ants on my hand – within 5 minutes, i have proceeded to kill another 10 ants crawling on the table – called citibank regarding charges i don’t understand and ended the call feeling annoyed and helpless – here i am blogging – i will now go watch some taiwan drama before going back to sleep.


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