the year of reading voraciously

after reading “an education” by lynn barber, a autobiography and a cautionary tale on the unknowability in people around us to “the pilot’s wife” by anita shreve which coincidentally was also a fictional story about the unknowability in the people around us, even people as close as our life partner.

i bought “the pilot’s wife” some 8,9 years ago but i never got around to reading it. i attempted to read it but i never got through the second chapter because i thought the story was a bit dull. fast forward 8,9 years later, i finished the whole book and enjoyed it thoroughly. i even find the story exciting. either my appreciation for books has increased or i have gotten increasingly dull over the years.

i guess it’s the former because i felt the same way for ‘the world accordingly to garp” by john irving. i bought the book in 2005 but never read beyond chapter 2 because i found it dull. when i picked it up again 2 weeks ago, i was left totally memorized and impressed to the point where i found it hard to put the book down. i even gave my favourite dome breakfast a miss last saturday because i couldn’t tear myself away from the book in time. this is my second john irving book (the first was “a prayer for owen meany”) and i have new found admiration for the author who made it rich will the publication of garp. it’s hard not to love t.s. garp and i cried when he died in the last chapter of the book. a highly recommended read, it is hilariously tragic.

perhaps, that was why i slept so well on the night of 10 april. i went to bed after finishing the wonderful book. satisfaction plus medication induces good sleep i guess.

sunday morning, after coughing violently at the kitchen sink, i crawled back to bed and started reading “julie & julia : a year of cooking dangerously.” i had all day to read and finished 2/3 of the book by evening and completed it when i was waiting at the clinic just now. i must say, although i find the idea of cooking 524 recipes in 365 days interesting, i didn’t really get why she wanted to do it until the end of the book. perhaps, it’s the excitement of doing a project and having something to look forward to other than her miserable work. perhaps, it was the seeking of finding joy in an otherwise drudgery filled life. at the end of the day, doing this project did get her out of the misery work and some recognition; more appreciation for her hubby and a closer relationship with her friends. i guess ,sometimes, when we embarked on a journey, we don’t really know what we want out of it other than feeling compelled to do it.

i can understand why julia child though her blog was a stunt and wasn’t that impressed with the project. the late julia child thought the julie didn’t appreciate the art of cooking and didn’t appreciate her constant use of profanities when cooking the dishes.

frankly, the profanities irritated me and julie was constantly irritated by something in the kitchen, constantly wanting to give up and constantly venting on her husband. it was hard not to feel annoyed.

i do hope that julie has a lot less angst now.

perhaps, i’m also hoping that for myself.



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