remember me

i watched “remember me” with nurul on saturday. i must say it is a terribly slow paced movie.

i got a headache and almost fell asleep.

i think the only part where i was really engaged when the camera focused on the blackboard of a classroom towards the end of the movie. it says “september 11, 2001”. that made me gasped with fear. the scene with the plane flying towards the building at the end of the movie gave me chills.

for someone who has never been to new york or anywhere in america, who have never seen the twin tower, i still remember the shock i felt when i watched on horrific act of terrorism on tv. it’s been 9 years and it still feels vividly like a recent tragedy.

if there is a message that the movie wants to tell us, i think, it is to cherish your love ones before a tragedy strikes.

none of us is going to be forever.



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