i have been sick for almost 4 weeks. for the record, i’ve never been sick for this long before and i’ve never taken 5 medical leave within 4 weeks and i’ve definitely not spent $250 on medical bills within 4 weeks.

24/03/10 –  i went to see a doctor because there was a heaviness in the left side of my head and it was so heavy it affected my vision. for 2 hours, i couldn’t see very clearly because everything i saw from the left side of my eye was out of focus.  the doctor gave me a day off.

30/03/10 –  i went to see a doctor because of a severe gum infection that left the left side of my neck sore. apparently, the infection was so bad it has affected my lymph nodes. i was given antibiotics. he was going to give me a 2 day mc but i told him i can’t because tomorrow’s the company’s annual stock take.

04/04/10 – down with high fever and sore throat. the doctor was a bit concerned because i still could get sore throat and fever despite being on antibiotics so i was given even stronger antibiotics. it left a really bad taste in my mouth. the chills, the pain and the tiredness made me feel like i was dying so i was given 2 days mc to try to survive.

10/04/10 – after the fever and sore throat went away, i started to cough. what began as a sporadic dry cough has become a cough strong enough to wake me up many times throughout the night. tired of antibiotics, i decided to seek the help of a traditional chinese medicine practitioner. she told me i was very “heaty” and the heat & the phelgm is trapped in the body – that kinda explains the heat wave i feel shifting within my body and why i am no longer cold in air con room. in fact, i felt so warm all the time. that also explains the suddenly outbreak on my face. she told me “even with medication, this cough is going to last you for another 5 days.”

i slept really well on the night of 10 april – i had uninterrupted sleep from 9pm to 6am. however, all that went away from 11 april – i cough heavily throughout the night, waking up every 2 hours to grab tissue paper or when the situation calls for it, i’ll be coughing my lungs out at the kitchen basin.

it is very tiring to cough so hard without ample rest.  i spent the morning of 13 april coughing from 2am to 4am. i coughed until i started crying in my bed and i decided i shall not go to work for today.

13/04/10 – doctor says i’m suffering from post nasal drip. he also use his fingers to tap my forehead and my cheek area because i told him there is a heaviness between my eyebrow and my nose. the tapping hurt most at the cheek area and he mentioned something about tender sinuses.


there we go, another 2 days mc, another 40 dollar bill.

omg, i can’t wait to be well!


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