cooking with mother

one of my new year resolution this year was to cook with my mother. motivating factor behind this resolution was to

  1. spend more quality time with mother
  2. learn how to cook
  3. explore more cooking recipes with mother so that we will have an interesting variety of dishes to put on the table.

it is already april and i haven’t quite found time to do this until today. most my Q1 saturdays was spent being busy at work or burning calories at the gym or whiling away in town. i had an opportunity last saturday to cook with mother but my mood was way below the weather so i gave that a pass. today, i was given another chance because i’m on medical leave. i contemplated between watching a movie online or cooking with mum (it’s embarrassing to note that i contemplated something like that) and decided on the latter. when will i have the chance again?

i’m happy with my decision. it was a 45 minutes of animated conversations, silly antics, cooking and learning. once again, i have learnt something about mother, my auntie, my niece, my nephew and i’m not sure how many more relatives we covered. i have also learnt that cooking can be quite easy and that if i were the cook for the day, i might make do with less frying – i can’t stand the smell on my hair or my shirt – who knows, i might just end up steaming/boiling every dish.

the dishes were simple tonight: –

  • eggs with onions ( i was observing how mother flip the egg over when there’s still plenty of uncooked watery stuff in the middle because i do not know how.)
  • spinach with abalone sauce ( i learnt that she soaked the vegetable in boiled water, with a dash of was it sugar or salt, to clear something from the vegetables as cooking spinach with this step increases the chances of getting kidney stones. i also learnt that nobody cooks spinach with pork ribs because it increases the likelihood of getting kidney stones too. (i think…because i can’t quite remember what she said.)
  • sesame chicken – left over dish from last night (mother basically toss everything into the wok, add in some water, stir fry a bit and that was it.)
  • fish (i never knew you only need salt and a bit of light soy sauce to fry a fish)

i was mostly kitchen assistant today, as usual. i washed the dishes, got the plates, cracked the eggs, sliced the onions/garlics, wash and cut the vegetables and watched from the sidelines!

me behind the wok! one step at a time.


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