a reminder

i came across this girl’s blog today and i must say i like it very much.

her entry on love love love love love reminded me of the things i kept saying i want to pick up but never really did, namely photography and photoshop.

and the opening lines of her entry

I am absolutely, irrevocably, non-reversibly (I know those are synonyms, if not neologisms acting like synonyms), terrifyingly in love with photography.”

left me with more things to ponder: –

1. i was actually reminded of bella saying this in twilight about her love for edward.

2. it is very nice and refreshing to see a girl, or just anyone, be so in love with an activity as lovely as photography…

…because i usually see girls in love with boys if not shopping ( i guess my world is embarrassingly small.)

…because i keep reminding myself to find an activity which i can proudly declare as being “terrifyingly in love” with but i have yet to find none!

and reading her blog made me realise i have a lot of things to catch up on with my life!

thank you wordpress for featuring her!



  1. shell

    1. I am not in love with boys.
    2. I am not in love with shopping.

    Does that make me an anomaly in your world? ;p

  2. chloe

    you’re welcome, esther!

    and shell, you’re in love with a boy! 😀 yes, you’re an alien in my world. actually, you are. you read vastly, you have wide range of musical taste, you study French, you topped your school for literature….and i adore u!

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