from the depths

i was at borders yesterday when i chanced upon the book “the portrait of dorian gray” by oscar wilde. i’m not sure why i chose to look down at the books placed on the floor and i’m not sure why the misplaced book (someone placed it in the wrong section) caught my eye. i picked it up anyway and read the back of the book.

i know little of oscar wilde other than the fact that he was a celebrated playwright and was the man who wrote “the importance of being earnest” and the man who came up with some great quotes.

what i never knew was all that he fell in love with a man and was jailed  for “gross indecency” with other men. i never knew he was put on trials after trials, imprisoned for 2 years and died a destitute in paris.

i was, at the same time, shocked and sad by what i read from the book and spent this morning reading more on oscar wilde, the 50,000 word letter he wrote to his erstwhile lover when in prison, de profundis, and his last work “the ballad of reading gaol”.

such a fascinating man.

i almost wished i was in school and studying Oscar Wilde.


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