a vacuum

these days, i am very lazy when it comes to blogging because i no longer see the importance of it. in fact, i enjoy it a lot less than i used to. somehow, when i try to put my life down in words, it is startling just how trivial and uneventful it is.

i used to blog my angst and sadness away. now, by the time i make it to the keyboard, i can’t quite remember my anger and i’d rather tell the person who made me upset just upset i am than blog it down in cyber space.

i used to put up pictures of all the fun i was having and then i realised life is no longer fun for me. or perhaps, it is still fun, but age or perhaps severe emptiness has reduced my quest to capture all of life’s fun and wonderful moments. sometimes, i even forget i’m the owner of a not too bad lumix camera.

i seem to be in transition.

ever since july 2009, life has been nothing but a blur.

i did much. i did little. i remember. yet i too forget.

i’m not quite sure where i am right now.

the late 20s is sure a strange period to be in.


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