graduation photos

i finally went down to the studio to collect the graduation shots with my mum.

to me, it’s just one thing off my to do list but i think it means a lot for my mother. i think family shots are a mother’s thing.

when i got home, i just chucked the photos in a corner and my mum actually took them out and placed one of it on top of the piano – so now my puffer fish face is beside my sister ikan bilis face in the living room.

still remember james telling me to do it (attend graduation ceremony, take studio shots) for my parents sake because i intended to give both a miss.

well, i’m glad i did it.

not so much for me but for those who matters and think it matters.



  1. chloe

    i can’t think of a slimmer fish so i put ikan bilis…

    never post on blog cos….it does not fit my overall not very studious image…hahaha

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