never knew

finished another issue of nat geo. january 2008 was about indonesia’s volcano gods, high tech trash, gorillas, himalaya climbs, india cave arts & the deserted north dakota.

i enjoyed reading the article on volcanos because it is very interesting to see how nature can be considered god and how people can actually believe that prayers and offerings can subdue violently active volcanoes. considering the number of times where prayers fail to save them from the next geographical disaster, people still believe that in the volcano lies an angry beast/god that needs to be pacified.

article on high tech trash was insightful and disturbing at the same time. i never knew the gadgets (namely personal computers) that we use so excessively on a daily basis contained so much toxic (lead, pvc, brominated flame retardants, barium, chromium, mercury, beryllum & cadmium) if not disposed properly. these toxic can cause damage to kidneys, bones, brain, gastric, thyroid and even harm fetal development.

high tech trash are often exported out to poor countries. they covered ghana, west africa in this article. it is really sad to see people, even kids, going through these trashes, burning plastic insulation to retrieve the copper to sell. some families use the same pot for cooking and smelting molten lead from circuit boards. even food is sometimes marketed beside major dump sites.

i can’t imagine the consequences this will have on the generations to come. if we continue this way, people living in these poor and developing countries, where waste are irresponsibily shipped to them, will forever remain poor and developing.

i love the idea of recycling waste so it was heartening to read on recycling high tech waste after reading irresponsible disposal of high tech waste. never knew the materials on a disposed personal computer can still be of so much use! the article defined recycling as “substituing scrap as virgin materials” and state its benefits as “conserving natural resources and reducing the amount of waste to be burned or buried and therefore reducing polluton and the demand for energy.”

win win situation for all, isn’t it?

gorillas were a fun read – never knew them to be such promiscious and sexual creatures. never knew the polish were into climbing mountains in the winter, never knew cave temples in india had so many great arts and never knew north dakota was so cold and so deserted.


i never knew so many things.

the world is so big and we will never in one life know everything that there is to know under the sun.


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