as part of my NYR to time out asia my life, i visited an art exhibition at the substation gallery on the last day of january.

exhibition is titled “floppy” and it showcase a collection of works inspired by australian artist natalya hughes’ 2-month stay in singapore.

her works were very colourful but every piece shared a common theme of “fish out of water” experience. when i look at the picture, i felt somethinig was missing but i don’t know what is it. it just doesn’t seem complete and i wasn’t sure what it was trying to say until i read more about the concepts and ideas of the exhibits.

what she was trying to say through these picture was exactly how i felt when i looked at the exhibits. it’s interesting how 2 months in singapore can give her enough inspiration to fill a gallery and it is also interesting how out of place she felt in our country.

this picture is my favourite. i love the colours and i don’t know what is the intended message of this picture but it reminded me of recycling – what is crap can be (made into) food to another.

i guess that’s the beauty of art. like what karl lagerfeld once said, “art is like poetry, it merely suggest.”


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