seducing mr. perfect

there was no good movie to watch last night so syaiful decided that we should just go hang out at starbucks.

i thought it was going to be just a night of chats and drinks but everything turned out quite fun!

first, the staff at starbucks was funny. i ordered fudgy chocolate cake and he asked me whether i wanted to have it heated up. i stared at him in shock, silently asking myself “don’t people have it chilled?”. seeing my stunned expression, he proceeded to confirm with his colleague whether the cake should be heated up. his colleague confirmed by saying “it taste better when it’s warm.” i gave him a skeptical “ok”.

i also ordered a caramel frap and he asked me whether i wanted it warm. hahaha. that was funny.

after settling down, i got up from my seat to return the tray. the staff looked at me and suggested i toss the tray across the room like it was frisbee. i looked at him in shock again. he laughed and asked me whether my warmed chocolate cake was nice.

people at starbucks always make my day.

while i was enjoying my cake, syaiful suggested we watch movie on the notebook. he did the set up while i continue to eat my cake, asking me to pretend it’s advertisement time while he prepare the films and all. haha.

the movie we picked to watch was “seducing mr. perfect”. syaiful was raving about the male lead in the movie – daniel henney – he gave his stamp of approval by saying mr henney is “100 times better than your edward (cullen)”.

and yes, syaiful was very right. the male lead is very suave and charming.  the movie turned out to be very funny and enjoyable too.

there is nothing we love more than watching movies.

he said next time he’ll bring the speakers. i guess i’ll walk over to shaw and buy popcorns too. 😀


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