leave me alone after 6pm

i dreamt about the people at work again.

on wednesday, i dreamt i had dinner with my finance manager & my chief financial officer. over dinner, i was telling them how bad my chinese was and they were sharing with me about their adventures of working in china. over dinner, i also received a 16 line chinese poem from a person who will very unlikely write me a 16 line chinese poem.

in the dream, the famously unfriendly hr manager chatted with me like an old girl pal. in present day, she actually smiled at me on wednesday and thursday. that’s a real feat.

on thursday, i dreamt of my CEO acting the way he always does in office. everyone in the dream was tramatised in one way or the other.

i still think may had the funniest dream ever about the CEO but it’s just too sensitive a thing to share it here.

i’m glad the dreams has stopped and i hope it will never come again.



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