good television

gosh, what a fine weather to sleep in.

i woke up at 7am today and wondered whether was today a working or a resting day. relief and joy spreaded all over me when i finally remembered it was saturday. snuggled against my pillow until it was 11am.

i love lazy saturday afternoons.

watched abit of taiwan drama “next stop, happiness” (literal translation because my language bar is once again missing) while having chicken rice. it was nicer than i thought. the little boy xiao xiao pin is adorable. his portrayal of a kid longing for his dad and yet accepting reality for what it is at a school event actually brought tears into my eyes.

thoroughly enjoyed watching a bbc knowledge documentary’s “extreme pilgrim” on peter owen jones spiritual journey to china with my parents. he travelled to shaolin monastery to learn more about the teachings of buddhism. his days there were physically demanding because of the martial arts training for people in the monastery were all going to leave the place as body guards or martial arts showman. he also didn’t find the peace he was searching for because shaolin monastery was also a tourist attraction. i think he felt that spirituality took a back seat at the monastery. he then took off and travelled to a mountain temple at sangwan, a place where he found understanding, peace and immense gratitute for the people who took care of him. you could see life and the people in the mountain temple changed him more than everything else at the shaolin monastery.

i really love the mountain temple at sangwan. it is breathtakingly gorgeous and i wonder is it possible for a commoner like me to visit a place like that.

i love being surprised by good programs on tv on lazy afternoons.



  1. alwyn

    Dear Chloe,

    I read your comment on Peter Owen-Jones “extreme pilgrim” as “he travels to a mountain temple located in Sangwan” : I have searched the web for ” mountain temple in Sangwan” but cannot seem to get any more information on this temple (I recorded the whole series on dvd and then accidentally recorded new programs over it) : would you perhaps know the name of this temple.
    Thanking you
    South Africa

  2. chloe

    Alwyn, sorry for the late reply. i’m afraid i do not have more information about the temple in sangwan. here’s an episode i found on youtube. hopefully it helps. it does not mention the name of the temple though! hope you’ll be able to find other information through it. 🙂

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