secrets of stonehenge

finished reading natgeo june 2008 last night.

in one read, i’ve learnt about stonehenge, siberia, world oil, nudibranch, snow leopards and afghan treasures.

unlike the previous issue, no article moved me as much but it was still an interesting read.

i thought the artcile on nudibranch was a delight. i never knew such colourful creatures existed! what was written on afghan treasures gave me new knowledge of this country we keep hearing but know very little about. apparently, before the taliban invasion, the country was filled with buddha relics and it was a melting pot of mix races and cultures because of the silk road. until it was drawn out on a map, i never knew afghanistan was just beside china.

this issue asked readers to help save the snow leopards. i think the cat is pretty but i think i prefer to help by going for the homestays. i think that would really be an amazing experience. if you like snow leopards, you can help by donating to the snow leopard conservancy or snow leopard trust.

earth is beautiful.

i was watching nat geo today on how beached whales are removed from the shores. it was quite amazing. i wonder how it feels like to see a creature so large dead on the beach. it’s not easy clearing a beached whale. like or dead creatures, they decompose and they bloat because of the gas that is being built up inside the body. the whale tongue was swollen to almost 5 times it’s original size, i think.

it is not encouraged to climb on top of the whale’s body and slice it apart because the gas built up inside the whale will actually caused an explosion of the innards. not a very pleasant sight and definitely not very pleasant to have all the bloody smelly innards splashed on you.

what they do is to pokes holes across the whale’s body so that the gas will seep out slowly, gradually releasing the pressure inside the whale’s body. there will be a loud hissing sound produced and they called it the whale’s fart harmony or something.

once the pressure is off, they whale’s body will be sliced open. i think autopsy will be done too to determine reason of death.

it’s amazing really. a pity i didn’t get to finish watching the documentary.


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