hell of a run

i went out for a jog and as usual left my keys on the cupboard near the door. the trick is to throw is far enough so that no one can reach it from the door because my mum is afraid strangers might take the key and enter our house. leaving the key by the door is not meant for subsequent retrieval when we are done with our jogs but for her to collect after we’ve closed the door.

i finished my short run at 10pm. shouted for my mum and pressed the bell angrily for a good 20 minutes because she was chatting on the phone. due to her less than perfect hearing, she continued yakking on the phone, ignoring my yells and the bells.

i couldn’t call home because we cancelled the service to receive incoming call when still engaged on the phone. my dad wasn’t home. i even called one of the neighbour just so i could ask her to tell my mum to open the door if she happened to be the one my mum is talking to. turns out it wasn’t the neighbour.

sweaty, thirsty and frustrated, i was stranded at my door step for 20 over minutes. i decided to pluck one of those long sturdy leaves from the pot of plant beside me and used it to try to reach it for the keys (my mum didn’t pick up the keys.)

i managed to retrieve my keys after multiple tries. by the time i got home, it was already 10.40pm and my mum was still on the phone. i walked into the room angrily and asked her “didn’t you hear the bell ring and my screams?”

she nods her head and continued with her conversation.

later, she told me she heard the bell but didn’t occurred to her that the person might be me so she continued talking….

where’s the logic ah?

i replied “it could be anyone!!! what if it’s our neighbour calling for help? or our dad?”

she couldn’t give me any answer.

don’t know whether to laugh or cry.



  1. kenneth

    Step 1, buy the rubberband thingy which girls use to tie their hair with. No not the ones with the big fanciful flower or the brightly coloured strawberry on it. Just a plain simple coloured “rubber band” with no additional ling-longs hanging from it.

    Step 2, make a duplicate set of keys and attach them to this rubberband using the “loop through” method.

    Step 3, simply put that rubber band on your wrist and go running your lungs out. Works for me at least.

    Lemme know if u unsure of anything i said.

  2. kenneth

    or of course, u can just use that same rubber band to tie ur hair and have ur keys hanging from ur hair. XD

  3. chloe


    i cannot imagine running with key in my hair (gawd, i almost typed hair in my keys)

    but yes, i think i can loop the keys on the band. 🙂

    thanks kenneth…

    and charlene, yes she sure is one of a kind!

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